24 Hour Outsourcing Technical Support Services

By Cristina Cafe
All our customers, partners, and suppliers require 24 hour outsourcing technical support for the products and services they have invested in. Supporting your customers with the attention and care they need during their technical issues will promote confidence and customer satisfaction in your services. InSO (International Service Outsourcing) can retain customer loyalty and a professional approach to your customer support services, providing excellent operational efficiency for your business.

How Can InSO Help Your Company?

Outsourced Technical Support center agents will answer all questions regarding your products and services, regardless of the types of the complexity of your products or services. Using our web based technology and expert systems all our agents are able to answer all questions while providing detailed and accurate answers.

The training we provide for our technical support team educates them on all the details and specification of the products and services of your business. If for any instance that our customer care team are unable to provide the customer with the specific answers they require, they will forward the question on to a customer representative from your business.

24-7 InSO Technical Support Services

Any caller that requires technical support, InSO’s call center agents will always provide the level of customer care the client expects.

InSO’s Technical Support Team can offer:

• 24 hour technical support for products and services provides customers with the extra level of attention they need and demand.
• 24-7 InSO offers a variety of quality support services, ranging from password resets to hardware support.
• 24-7 InSO agents can handle simple to complex questions using detailed expert systems, or Help Trees.

At International Services Outsourcing we can provide your company with outsourcing technical support services through the phone, email, and online through our technical support help desk.

Our team of highly trained professional customer support team agents can deal with any of your or your customers tech support needs. For a free quote and for more information on our outsourced technical support services please speak to our friendly customer service personnel.


Global Delivery Outsourcing Model

There are few technology outsourcing delivery models out there. Onsite, offsite and Global Delivery Model.  Global delivery models is so far the most  successful outsourcing model amongst all the other models considering the risk, performance and cost. It’s a combination of onsite model and offshore model but unlike the onsite/offshore model wherein the offshore development center of service provider is located at only one place, in the global delivery model the service provider has its offshore development centers spread out across the entire globe. canada goose återförsäljare The service provider need not have their own offshore development centers across the globe but they can use the resources of their partners located around the globe, and thus follow a global delivery model. This provides the client with a large working team with varied qualities and expertise in different fields.
Tasks accomplished by the onsite team:

  • Understanding the client’s requirements.
  • Directly interacting with the client to get a better idea of their needs and changes in them, if any.
  • Acting as a mediator between the client and the offshore development centers.
  • Planning & Designing the initial steps of the project.
  • Allocation of Tasks amongst the available resources.
  • Testing the outcome of the project in tandem with the client’s team.
  • Executing the project successfully at the client’s place.
  • Provide the required support for maintenance.

Tasks accomplished at the offshore development center:

  • Detailed design that will be continuation of what the onsite team designed.
  • Deciding any specific technological requirements for the project.
  • Development.
  • Testing before handing over to onsite team.
  • Continuous technical support.

Global delivery model is preferred where the client requires that the job be done in a quick manner, which is made possible by the number of offshore teams working together towards the completion of the task. Also where the project is very big requiring sufficient skilled manpower to complete the task this is the only model, which provides solution in such cases. The level of risk involved is also minimum since even if any of the offshore development centers face any disaster the project work will not be stopped, as the work can be transferred immediately and continued by the remaining offshore development centers.

Advantages of Global Delivery Model:

  • Lower Risks: In case of any disaster/emergency at one of the offshore centers, the work continues at or is transferred to other offshore development centers. So the risk involved is low.
  • Round-the-clock productivity: 24*7 work cycle becomes possible because of the time-zone difference.
  • Best Results: Accomplishment of high quality work is possible, as the client will get the benefit of skilled manpower spread out across the globe.
  • Shorter lead-time: Shorter project completion time as the work is completed by a number of offshore development centers working together with the same target.
  • Cost benefits: The cost saving benefits for the client resulting from offshore outsourcing is also appreciable.
  • No new employee additions required: The service provider can provide the client with a large working team with varied skill set, which the client may not be able to employ for just the task at hand.
  • No possibility of communication gap: Onsite team, which will be in direct contact with the client, is able to understand the client’s needs in a better way. billiga canada goose jackor So no chance of misunderstanding the client’s needs.
  • Faster Response: Because of onsite team’s presence response to changes in client’s requirements is fast.

Having a perfect co-ordination between all the offshore development centers and that too in accordance with the client’s satisfaction is a big task. However this limitation can be overcome today by making the best possible use of the most modern means of communication.
Armia Systems, Inc is one of the leading IT companies targeting small to medium busses in North America following a Global delivery model. With its business presence in Chicago, IL, USA and an Offshore Software Development center in Kochi, India, Armia Systems, Inc serves its clients on a 24*7 model to meet their technology requirements. Armia Systems, Inc offers remote infrastructure management and server management services for hosting companies and data-centers through SupportPRO.com

Outsourcing Delivery Models in IT

When it comes to outsourcing there are few delivery models you can rely on. The delivery model will depend on more you – the client. It depends on your commitment term, risk tolerance and requirements and strategy.

The offshore software delivery model is preferred when the project is well planned in advance with a well defined project plan. The offshore model can be effective for both short term application development with clearly defined objectives and for long term projects having the scope of multiple iterations till the scope is finalized.

Onsite program managers co-ordinate regular meetings with client and the offshore development team. For low cost projects there can be offsite program managers who are located offshore and communicate regularly through telephone, video Conferencing, email, fax etc. with scheduled visit to the onsite location.

Onsite Delivery Model

The Onsite delivery model is best suited when there is a need of a specific resource type, higher degree of interaction for complex solutions and time sensitive implementations. your partner can help your organization with all types of on-site requirements including the need for specialized consultants, project management or application development.

Hybrid Delivery Model

Hybrid Delivery Model provides viable IT solutions with appropriate onsite and offshore resources to support multiple phases for mid to long term projects. Having the benefits of both worlds this model is best suited for delivering a robust solution with optimized cost and efficiency. Onsite team will directly interact with the clients and will do requirement studies, design and development etc. as per the requirement. Hybrid Delivery model has tremendous operational benefits and scope for scalability. Costs and implementation time will be radically reduced with additional support from our offshore outsourcing team.

ODC Partnership Model

ODC Partnership Model is best suited for customers seeking long term services. In this model there is a dedicated offshore development team comprised of project managers, analysts, developers and testers with specialized skills in specific technical and vertical areas. This helps our client to build a long term sustainable dynamic support system with the help of your outsourcing partner on ongoing basis to dynamically and effectively address their continuing requirements with specific deadlines.

Joint Venture Models

Here a delivery center is shared with multiple clients. The initial investment is shared between the partners normally the client and local provider. In the IT context, normally its set up in an offshore facility. This approach works for long term commitments. However the client has an opportunity to turn a cost center into a profit center by sharing the rewards and risks with the local outsourcing partner.