How to Select a Reliable Hosting Support Company?

When budgets are scarce, companies often resort to choosing outsourcing services for their non core operating parameters and at times even their priority operational requirements as well.Outsourced technical support is not a new thing today as thousands of companies employ third party technical support organizations to handle their customer queries. But one major area where outsourced technical support is being surpassed is web hosting business. The reason is that today almost all business enterprises require an online existence if they are to live up to the expectations of their customers in a highly competitive market. Many of them do not have sufficient infrastructure and technical know-how to implement web hosting techniques on their own and hence they look forward to web hosting support from outside companies. But since web hosting is a crucial part of your business, choosing the right hosting support partner is essential to ensure that your valuable information and business data are not misused in any way. Here are some tips to choose the best web hosting support company.

Decide on whether you want a Windows or Linux server. Today Linux is the better option if you are using a PHP website or in short any web language other than Microsoft’s own ASP language enabled websites because they are inexpensive and reliable. Go in for a service provider that has both the options as it would be easy for you to choose depending on the type of website you have or you can have a live demonstration to determine which works well for you.

Go in for a service that offers you a scalable hosting plan that would initially allot you enough storage for all your files and user data if any and at a later stage when traffic and information from your website increases, it should offer sufficient storage space increments as well. Same is the case with bandwidth also as there needs to be a scalable infrastructure to support increased bandwidth requirements in future. The service provider should offer attractive packages that would bill you generously based on used space and bandwidth with options to use either of them even more and affordably.

A major criterion while evaluating a web hosting support service provider or in fact any outsourced technical support service provider is the backup they offer along with the real package. For a website based business it is essential that downtimes are avoided or resolved at the earliest and hence easy recovery from a crash should be facilitated. For that there should be an efficient backup mechanism that can be called into action periodically so that a mirror copy of your most recent settings and data that worked can be restored in the event of a crash.

Reliability and support after sale is also a key factor. Make sure that the service provider has a reliable network connectivity and that they offer excellent after sale services for the packages. You should not be left to defend against any mishaps on your own.
So the above tips should be evaluated before selecting a web hosting support service and if you find a service provider that offers all of the above and even more, then without a doubt that is the one meant for you and you should go for it.

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Why should businesses prefer technical support outsourcing?

The world economy is still in an unstable condition and business enterprises across the globe are looking for ways to cut down on costs. Once a major area where an enterprise would want to invest the minimum but attend to with highest priority is technical support for their products and services. Technical support is vital part in any business service because your customers are definitely going to need your help in the operation or usage of your products. Nothing is perfect or ideal and hence they are bound to face issues with your product and may need your help in rectifying the issue. So since you want to cut down on costs, how do you provide your valuable customers with a reliable customer support? This is when technical support outsourcing shows its might. You can outsource your technical support service to a third party who would have the necessary capabilities to handle your support operations without disappointing your customers. Earlier people used to say outsourcing is a risk, but it is not the case as of now. Today companies that you entrust your critical services to, have the required performance and operational efficiency to cater to the needs of your business.


One major area where technical support outsourcing is going to make a big impact is web hosting support. No modern day business can survive without an online presence and hence it becomes necessary to host your website and for that hosting support is required in plenty. Outsourcing website hosting support helps you reduce your businesses IT budget considerably and lets you focus on more important business operations. Another big advantage of technical support outsourcing is that you do not have to maintain an extra office building or more space in your existing office for the support team. Besides you do not have to hire technical support personnel and there is no need to have any kind of hardware or software infrastructure within your business environment to accommodate the support wing. The outsourcing company you choose would have taken care of all these requirements.


They would have dedicated teams that have good technical support skills such as good communication skills, technical knowledge about the product or service so that they can help rectify the issues that pop up, have all the necessary software and hardware infrastructure such as remote service assistance tools, remote access tools, customer trouble reporting tools, trouble tickets, and much more. In short all your technical support functions can be streamlined by outsourcing it. As far as a website hosting support is concerned, you will be given the freedom to relax while the dedicated personal attends to any issues found in your hosting system. They make sure that your customers do not get any idea that a third party is actually providing the support service.


A powerful technical support outsourcing service would guarantee that your customers would be 100 per cent satisfied and they would have the necessary performance metrics and measurements to measure how effectively they carry out the job. So outsourcing your technical support department to a third party company that is reliable is in fact one of the biggest ways you can reduce on your businesses IT budget.