Barter your Goods Online

Trade and exchange saw a revolutionizing transformation since the wide spread internet usage. The scope of establishing new trading locations and exploring potential customer locations became easier with online business. Organizations seem to compete in marking their presence online. With the wide spread recognition for online trading and exchange, online stores and market places were set up. These online market places were websites that can be used to trade your products and services globally irrespective of the time zone differences or location barriers. Various types of transactions are processed in these online market places. One which seems to be the most interesting one is the barter system.

In olden days when people were traveling from one place to another, barter system of trade was used to acquire materials required in exchange of goods. Such a method of trade depends on several factors like wishes, necessities and choice of the parties involved in the trade. Applying such a methodology in online trading seemed to be a numb decision during its advent. But later it came out to be one of the most lively business areas in online trading and exchange. Custom scripts were developed to create online market places that offer a barter system of trade. These scripts enable the owners to customize their stores according to their requirements.

iScripts eSwap is one such application which aids in making online trade and exchange easier with barter methodology being followed. This barter software enables you to create a website where you can buy, sell and exchange goods. eSwap lets you build your bartering network and allows you to add any blend of user listing fees, featured item fees, transaction completion fees or monthly subscriptions. It offers faster transaction processing by support the most common payment gateways including PayPal and Apart from the online payment methods, offline payment is also supported.

The well designed administration section would let you have multiple types of products, their sub categories and helps controlling the different aspects of your online business. To install eSwap software it doesn’t require much technical knowhow. It’s easy to install and there is a quick start guide included which helps you to have a clear picture. The website designed would offer a virtual swap centre for any type of product or service. Users can buy, sell or swap their products or services as per their requirements.

There is an integrated point system which eliminates the difference in currency standards used worldwide. Advanced tools can be used to determine counter offers, by the customers to bargain with each other. The application provides a number of templates which will offer the website a more personalized appearance. The script used is open source and hence can be tailored according to the customer requirement at any point of time. Also the product manufacturers offer excellent customer support as well. eSwap can be used to create a membership site or a free service site. All popular payment gateways like PayPal,, Google Checkout, First Data, WorldPay, BluePay and even offline methods are supported by eSwap. iScripts eSwap is found to be a stable and reliable product which is being used by a number of customers worldwide.